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A student of TSU

I usually start my day with getting up and doing all things that everybody does in the morning: washing, having breakfast, etc. Also, I got used to gather my learning tools: pencils, exercise-books, text-books in the morning. Then I usually go to the university. Fortunately, my father takes a car every morning and he often picks me up and drives me to the doors of our university building.

And soon the lectures and seminars begin. We have from two to four classes every time, depending on the day. I like studying at the university more than at school because a student is much freer, than a pupil is.

After the lessons I usually return home where I have dinner and start thinking about my ways of spending the rest of the day. Very often I go to my friend’s place. During the early autumn and summer I often go to the sports ground or on the beach. I also like visiting different sport events. So, the world is full of enjoyable things to do.

On returning home I usually start doing my homework (perhaps, it is the dullest part of the day). Having finished it, I open a book and read it or watch TV. At last, I go to bed about midnight.

  Takashi Takashimi, a fashion designer Joe Trounson, a dolphin trainer Max Davidov, a student
1. Get up   2. Have breakfast   3. Work / study time   4. After work / study   5. Go to bed      

Describe the weekday of one of these persons using the table.


Tell about your daily routine, what jobs you do in the house and what you like doing in the evening and at weekends. Use some of these time phrases to help you.

Then, immediately afterwards, before / after lunch, in the afternoon / evening, at the weekend.

7.10 Imagine that you are the member of the Health Club. Write a mini-lecture about the meaning of one’s daily routine in improving one’s health. The following phrases can help you:

to get up early; to do morning exercises; to take a shower twice a day; to keep a healthy diet; to relax; to practice yoga; to go in for jogging; to be friendly to people; to keep a vegetarian diet.

A) Imagine you live in one of the places below. Write notes about your routine.

The Freedom Tunnel, a cave in Turkey, a desert island, a luxury apartment in New York, a cabin in the forests or mountains, a scientific base in Antarctica.

Example: 6.30: get up / get dressed

6:45: go to look for water

7:00: wash and have breakfast

b) Work in pairs. Use your notes to ask and answer questions about each other’s routine. Guess where your partner is living.

Example: A: What time do you get up?

B: I usually get up at about 6:30.

A: Then what do you do?

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