Write a description of a person you remember from your childhood. First read the short description below.

Mrs. Philips was my biology teacher at school. She was a young woman in her early twenties with big, blue eyes and a happy expression. She was tall and slim, with short blonde hair. She wore neat, tailored clothes and always seemed to be smiling.

The following expressions may be useful:

Age: Eyes: Expression: Build: Hair: Clothes: Personality: in his/her mid teens/thirties etc. small/deep-set/green/grey etc. puzzled/thoughtful etc. short/ thin/well-built etc. long/shoulder-length/dark/red etc. casual/ shabby etc. frowning/worrying etc.

Expand the situation introduced by the opening sentences.

1.A: Oh, Mom! Guess who Ive just seen?

B: Not Santa Clause, I suppose.

A: Do you remember Mike Petrov, my classmate? I ran across him at a supermarket. I didnt recognize him at first, Hes changed so much.


2.A: Andrew, could you do me a favour?

B: Sure. Go ahead.

A: I need to send a couple of books to a friend of mine in Omsk. Ive heard youre going there tomorrow. If you could take the books with you he would meet you at the airport.

B: No problem. But how can I recognize him?


Dramatize the situations.

1. You witnessed a bank robbery. Describe the criminals to the policemen.

2. You are a member of a beauty contest jury. Discuss the participants and choose the most beautiful girl.

3. You came home on holiday and tell your mother about your roommate.

4. You met a wonderful man on the train. Tell about him.


Past Simple of the verb to be

Affirmative Negative Interrogative
I was You/we/they were He/she/it was I was not (wasnt) You/we/they were not (werent) He/she/it was not(wasnt) Was I? Were you/we/they? Was he/she/it?

1. Fill in the blanks with am, is, are, was or were

Today I 1) at home. It 2) Saturday morning and it 3) very cold. Its only a month since my family and I 4) on holiday in Portugal. The weather 5) fantastic; it 6) really hot and sunny. We 7) all happy then. It 8) not long ago, of course, but I 9) already missing the sun and the sea. Well, it 10) nice to be back home with all our friends.

Past Simple of regular verbs

Affirmative Negative Interrogative
I stayed You stayed He/she/it stayed We/they stayed I did not (didnt)stay You did not stay He/she/it did not stay We/they did not stay Did I stay? Did you stay? Did he/she/it stay? Did we/they stay?

Change the sentences into past simple sentences.

a) Tom looks out of the window.

b) We arrive at 6.30.

c) Laura watches television all afternoon.

d) The bus stops at the end of the street.

e) I visit an old castle this week.

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