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Diana Yusupova

Happiness... It seems to sound very sweet and delight. Now think for a little. What is meant by happiness? Perhaps it is the goal of all people to live a happy life. The idea of a happy life differs from man to man. They have different opinions about happiness. But one thing is common to everyone – no one is perfectly happy – either a king or a president, either rich or poor. Happiness isn't free. You have to earn it. But the best kind of happiness is when you know that you are able to care for someone and that someone cares about you. Many people think that “if only I have got this and that, then I will be happy, then I can start enjoying my life”. However, once they achieve that goal, the next desire manifests. And of course there is no end to human desires.

Being content with what you have is one of the best ways to achieve happiness in our lives.

No matter how bad your condition might be, there are still many things which are great for you.

Just do not wait another day for your life to start some day, one day.

You are happy today, because you are free and alive today!

Thus, there is a very simple way of being happy. You should follow the motto 'Plain living and high-thinking'. It means that health of body and peace of mind are necessary for living a happy life.


Svetlana Korobova


Everybody watches films about superheroes who save the world with the help of their superpowers. But can ordinary people have such a power? Actually yes. There are 6 of them. Some of them are on the genetic level, but others can be developed.

The first one is a super memory. This type of a superpower has another name – photographic memory. People who have such a superpower can remember all details even if they have seen those ones only once.

The second one is an absolute hearing. A person with this type of superpower can hear tones, classifying and remembering them.

The third one is a light perception. It deals with a case when people see the world in a red, blue and green spectrum. By the way, there were only two men who saw the world in such a way.

The next is an echolocation. This superpower mostly belongs to blind people. They use sound for orientation in space.

The most interesting superpower is a genetic chimerism. This ability is on the genetic level. People with it can have 3 legs, 2 DNA in one body, etc.

And the last one is a super taste. People with such ability can differentiate each ingredient among one dish.

So, according to this information each of us can have a superpower. And what about you? Do you have any?


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